The Princeton Neuroscience Institute offers the Neuroscience Major for Princeton University undergraduates with a strong interest in pursuing an in-depth study of the brain. Neuroscience is a broad interdisciplinary field requiring rigorous preparation in basic science. Students in this discipline are expected to understand the basic principles and approaches of modern neuroscience. The major provides an opportunity for serious study of molecular, cellular, developmental, and systems neuroscience as it interfaces with cognitive and behavioral research.

Since modern neuroscience is relying increasingly on quantitatively sophisticated methods and theory, students are also expected to gain competency in physics, mathematics, and computation. By offering a combination of courses and interdisciplinary research, students who complete the neuroscience major will be highly qualified to pursue graduate work at the best neuroscience, psychology or biology graduate programs and will also have completed, in large part, the background requirements to enter medical or veterinary school.

Declaring NEU as Your Major

Provided that you completed the prerequisites, A.B. sophomores preparing to enter the junior year and wanting to declare Neuroscience as their major must do so prior to selecting courses for the fall semester. For detailed instructions on how to declare a major see Declaring a Major. You can also make an appointment with the Director of Undergraduate Studies, Professor Asif Ghazanfar.

Topics for discussion include (among anything else you would like to discuss): future courses and their timing (e.g., Physics, core courses, etc) and study abroad opportunities.


Director of Undergraduate Studies
Asif Ghazanfar