Eye tracking technology allows neuroscientists to continuously measure gaze direction, slow pursuit and rapid saccadic eye movements, and pupil size and dilatory changes.

The Eye Tracking Laboratory, located in PNI room C21, houses an SR Research EyeLink 1000 Plus system capable of 1000Hz binocular/2000Hz monocular resolution. The system is connected to a stimulus control computer and monitor. Recorded data include time, x and y eye position coordinates, and pupil diameter. PNI has licenses for the SR Research data analysis and stimulus presentation software (Data Viewer and Experiment Builder). The laboratory also includes a subject chin rest for moderate head movement reduction.

Specialized eye tracking systems are also available in other PNI facilities, including the TMS Laboratory and the Neuroimaging Facility, to allow researchers to record subject eye position while using other equipment at the same time.
Mark Pinsk