NeuroAI and Intelligent Systems

Researchers at PNI are currently working at the intersection of neuroscience and AI to gain new insights into neural data, generate new hypotheses for understanding the brain and behavior, and develop the next-generation AI architectures inspired by the brain.

Systems & Circuits

This branch of neuroscience focuses on understanding how the brain processes information through the intricate networks of neurons and circuits. It aims to uncover the underlying mechanisms that govern complex brain functions such as perception, memory, decision-making, and behavior.

Human Cognitive

Human cognitive neuroscience is a field of study that investigates the neural basis of human cognition, which refers to various mental processes such as perception, attention, learning, memory, decision-making, language and problem-solving. It aims to understand how the brain supports these cognitive functions. 

Molecular & Cellular

This field focuses on understanding the cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying the structure and function of the nervous system. It investigates how individual neurons and their various components such as synapses, receptors and ion channels contribute to the overall functioning of the brain and the nervous system.

Computation & Theory

Computation and theory neuroscience combines principles from neuroscience, computer science, and mathematics to understand how the brain processes information and performs complex computations. It aims to develop theoretical models and computational frameworks that can explain and predict the functions of the nervous system.

Research Computing Infrastructure

PNI is committed to maintaining leading-edge research computing infrastructure and support services which help support the creation of novel data collection and analysis methods.