A collection of some of John Hopfield’s lectures and interviews.

Collective Properties of Neuronal Networks (1983)
Courtesy of the Franklin Institute: In recognition of Hopfield's 2019 Franklin Institute Laureate Award

Duration: 4 minutes
The “machine learning” revolution that has brought us self-driving cars, facial recognition and robots who learn can be traced back to John Hopfield, whose career is as fascinating as the technologies his ideas helped foster.
Audience: anyone interested in science or computers

Artificial Neural Networks and Speech Processing (1988)

Duration: ~ 1 hr + considerable discussion
A colloquium at Bellcore (a communications technology company transiently formed in the breakup of AT&T in 1984)
Audience: non-specialist engineers and scientists interested in the possibility of useful 'neural networks'.
Hopfield is introduced by John Worlock.

John Hopfield at the Aspen Center for Physics (1990)

Duration: 30 minutes
A talk and conversation with Nick DeWolf arranged and edited by DeWolf for public television broadcast (channel 12, Aspen CO)
Audience: anyone interested in science or computers

Biological Dynamics of the Mind (1998)

Duration: 35 min.
Talk given at Princeton University in an Alumni Symposium
Non-mathematical presentation for a diverse audience, beginning with the idea of emergent behavior... and ending with psychological associative memory.

Using the emergent dynamics of attractor networks for computation (2014)

Duration: 50 minutes
A Posner lecture given at the NIPS conference in Montreal
Audience: computer scientists, electrical engineers, computational neurobiologists

Emergence, dynamics, and behavior (2016)

Duration: 40 minutes
A talk given at the Symposium to celebrate the work of Professor Sir David MacKay FRS at Cambridge University, Cambridge UK
Audience: physicists, engineers, computer scientists, and neurobiologists