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Namesort descending Email Phone Office Lab
Athena Akrami Athena Akrami 184D PNI Brody Lab
Anthony Ambrosini Anthony E. Ambrosini 609-258-8329 A76A PNI
James Antony 136B PNI Norman Lab
photo needed Haroon Anwar A92C PNI Berry Lab
Mikio Aoi 231 PNI Pillow Lab
Rava Azeredo da Silveira Rava Azeredo da Silveira Berry Lab
Aleksandra Badura Aleksandra Badura Wang Lab
Christa Baker 258-7668 A92H PNI Murthy Lab
Christopher Baldassano Christopher Baldassano 244B PNI Cohen Lab
Michael Berry Michael Berry 609-258-1268 A54 Neuroscience
William Bialek William Bialek 609-258-5929 237 Carl C. Icahn Laboratory
Aaron Bornstein Aaron Bornstein 136A PNI Norman Lab
Lisa Boulanger Lisa Boulanger 609-258-2717 A52 Princeton Neuroscience Institute
"" Tyler Boyd-Meredith 609-673-6618 A08 PNI Brody/Tank Labs
Brandy Briones Brandy Briones Gould Lab
Carlos Brody Carlos Brody 609-258-7645 155 Neuroscience
Rebecca Burdine Rebecca Burdine 609-258-7515 433A Moffett Laboratory
Timothy Buschman Timothy Buschman 609-258-2642 256 Neuroscience
Laura A. Bustamante Laura A. Bustamante Cohen Lab
Lili X. Cai Lili X. Cai Witten Lab
Mingbo Cai Mingbo Cai 144A PNI Cohen/Niv Labs
Adam Calhoun A92D PNI Murthy Lab
Courtney Cameron Courtney Cameron 192E PNI Witten Lab
Rene Carmona Rene Carmona 609-258-2310 210 ORFE
Adam Charles 231 PNI Pillow Lab
Kevin Chen A08 PNI
Jonathan D. Cohen Jonathan Cohen 609-258-2696 240 Neuroscience
Christine Constantinople Christine Constantinople 192C PNI Brody/Tank Labs
Elise Cope Elise Cope A76I PNI Gould Lab
Julia Cox Julia Cox 176E PNI Witten Lab
Norbert Cruz-Lebron A08 PNI
Weiming Dai Weiming Dai 609-258-1843 B04 PNI - Neuroscience Institute
Nathaniel Daw 609-258-9916 234 PNI - Neuroscience Institute
Brian Depasquale Brian DePasquale 184D PNI Brody/Pillow Labs
Nicholas (Nick) DePinto Nicholas DePinto 609-258-9290 C30 Princeton Neuroscience Institute
Annegret Dettwiler 609-258-9792 132D PNI
David S. Deutsch David S. Deutsch 609-258-7341 A84I PNI Murthy Lab
"" Ben Deverett A84F PNI Tank Lab
Melissa DiMeglio Melissa DiMeglio 609-258-0777 A12 PNI - Neuroscience Institute
Cristina Domnisoru Cristina Domnisoru 184C PNI Tank Lab
Gary Drozd 609-258-7476 124 Peretsman Scully Hall
Nicole Drummond Nicole Drummond Niv Lab
Sarah Dubrow Sarah Dubrow 136C PNI Norman/Niv Labs
Becket Ebitz 286C PNI Buschman Lab
Ahmed El Hady Ahmed El Hady 609-258-7954 192D PNI Brody Lab
Esteban Engel 609-258-7888 PNI A50 Viral Neuroengineering Laboratory
Ben Engelhard 609-258-7514 PNI 184H Tank and Witten Labs
Lynn Enquist Lynn Enquist 609-258-2415 314 Schultz Laboratory
Manoj Eradath Manoj Eradath 288E PNI Kastner Lab
Ian Fiebelkorn Ian Fiebelkorn 288E PNI Kastner Lab
Joel Finkelstein Joel Finkelstein 609-258-6606 192E PNI Witten Lab
Weston Fleming Weston Fleming Witten Lab
Jeffrey Gauthier Jeffrey Gauthier 176H PNI Tank Lab
Elizabeth Gavis Elizabeth Gavis 609-258-3857 328 Moffett Laboratory
Alan Gelperin Alan Gelperin 609-258-5112 A75 Neuroscience Institute
Christine Gerity Brody Lab
Asif Ghazanfar Asif Ghazanfar 609-258-9314 253 Neuroscience
Michele Giovannetti Michele Giovannetti 609-258-8821 C44 PNI - Neuroscience Institute
Lisa A. Glass 609-258-7365 A14 PNI - Neuroscience Institute
Benjamin Goldberg 609-258-8807 C31A Princeton Neuroscience Institute
Ishana Gopaul Ishana Gopaul 609-258-7404 A10 PNI - Princeton Neuroscience Institute
Elizabeth Gould Elizabeth Gould 609-258-4483 A56 Neuroscience
James Gould James Gould 609-258-3872 330A Guyot Hall
Michael Graziano Michael Graziano 609-258-7555 281 Neuroscience
Charles Gross Charles Gross 609-258-4430 280 Neuroscience
Yi Gu 609-258-3983 176H PNI Tank Lab
Xiao-Juan Guan 609-258-3571 A84E PNI
Alexandria Hammons Alexandria Hammons A84D PNI Murthy Lab
Uri Hasson Uri Hasson 609-258-3884 243 Neuroscience
Gecia Hermsdorff Gecia Hermsdorff 232D PNI Niv and Botvinick Labs
photo needed Hanna Hillman 244B PNI Hasson Lab
Kat Holmes Niv Lab
Philip Holmes Philip Holmes 609-258-5128 D-202B Engineering Quad
Jan Homann A76G PNI Berry Lab
John Hopfield John Hopfield 609-258-1239 150 Neuroscience
May Husseini May Husseini 609-258-8723 192J PNI - Neuroscience Institute
Kajsa Igelstrom 282A PNI Kastner Lab
Mark L. Ioffe Mark L. Ioffe 609-258-7702 A84D PNI Berry Lab
Marius Cătălin Iordan Marius Cătălin Iordan Cohen Lab
Victoria Jackson-Hanen Ritvo Victoria Jackson-Hanen Ritvo 609-258-5679 136B PNI Norman Lab, Turk-Browne Lab
Barry Jacobs Barry Jacobs 609-258-4438 174 Neuroscience
Philip Johnson-Laird Philip Johnson-Laird 609-258-4432 428 Peretsman-Scully Hall
Gary Kane Gary Kane A76F PNI Gould Lab
Sabine Kastner Sabine Kastner 609-258-0479 140 Neuroscience
Lauren Kelly 609-258-9639 286E PNI Ghazanfar Lab
Na Yeon Kim Na Yeon Kim Kastner Lab
Pavlos Kollias Pavlos Kollias 238D PNI Cohen Lab
Charles Kopec Charles Kopec 609-258-7954 192D PNI Brody
Paul Krueger Paul Krueger 609-258-5108 238E PNI Cohen Lab
Angela Langdon 141 PNI Niv Lab
Richard Latourette 184I PNI Brody Lab
Junuk Lee Junuk Lee 176E PNI Witten Lab
Rachel Lee A08 PNI
Naomi Leonard Naomi Leonard 609-258-5129 D234 Engineering Quad D-Wing
Michael Lesnick (Associate Research Scholar) 236C Cohen Lab
Sam J. Lewallen Sam J. Lewallen 184F PNI Tank/Bialek Labs
Kai Li Kai Li 609-258-4637 321 Computer Science Building
Diana Liao Diana Liao 286C PNI Buschman Lab
Alexandra Libby 609-673-8792 A08 PNI Buschman Lab
Ashley Linder Ashley Linder Leifer Lab