Vishnu Murty, Temple University

Neuroscience and Social Decision Making Series

“Decision-making enhances subjective value and episodic memory formation”
Wednesday, April 11, 2018 - 4:30pm
101 Peretsman Scully Hall
Hosted by: 
Zidong Zhao and Yeon Soon Shin
Princeton Neuroscience Institute
Neuroscience & Social Decision Making

Individuals value the ability to actively make decisions and manipulate their environment. While previous research has characterized the prioritization of valuable information in episodic memory (reviewed by Murty & Adcock, 2017), these processes have not been fully characterized in the context of decision-making. Across four studies, I will present behavioral and neuroimaging data showing how making arbitrary decision-making during encoding enhances episodic memory. In study 1, I will show that the simple act of making a decision enhances episodic memory, and that memory enhancements are related to choice-induced preference. In study 2, I will show that decision-related memory enhancements are associated with greater interactions between the striatum and hippocampus during encoding. Finally, in studies 3 & 4, I will show that decision-related memory enhancements are driven, in part, by mechanisms of memory consolidation. Together, these findings support a mechanism by which actively deciding to encode information preserves episodic memory for outcomes.