Rebekah Rashford and Iris Stone receive NIH fellowship awards

Rebekah Rashford and Iris Stone are the first two recipients of NIH's National Research Service Award (NRSA) Predoctoral Fellowship in the history of PNI.

Rebekah is a rising fifth year in the lab of Cate Peña. Her proposal is entitled "Promoting Resilience to Early Life Stress Through Epigenetic Editing" and she will be studying how early life stress impacts development and mediates increased risk for psychological disorders through changes to DNA organizational structure.

Iris is also a rising fifth year and is working with Jonathan Pillow and Ilana Witten. Her proposal, entitled "A latent variable model for quantifying social behavior in rodents", is focused on applying novel computational tools and sophisticated, unsupervised behavioral quantification methods to discover the internal and external variables that shape natural behaviors as well as the underlying neural correlates of social interactions.