• Professor Mala Murthy receives a Research Program Award (R35) award from the NINDS

    Murthy's lab has pioneered studies of the acoustic communication system of Drosophila, to address fundamental questions related to the neural mechanisms underlying sensory perception and the generation of behaviors.

    The goal of the NINDS Research Program Award, which uses the R35 funding mechanism is to allow an investigator whose record of research achievement demonstrates his or her ability to make major contributions to neuroscience, the freedom to embark on ambitious, creative, and/or longer-term research projects, without the constraints of specific aims. RPAs will support the overall research programs of NINDS-funded investigators for up to 8 years, at a maximum level of $750,000 direct costs per year.

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    NINDS Research Program Award (R35)
    Uncovering the Neural Mechanisms That Flexibly LInk Sensory Processing to Behavior