Nina Lauharatanahirun, University of Pennsylvania

Neuroscience and Social Decision Making Series

"Risky decision making in the brain: From the lab to the real world"
Wednesday, October 16, 2019 - 4:30pm
101 Peretsman Scully Hall
Hosted by: 
Emily Liquin and Abla Alaoui-Soce
Princeton Neuroscience Institute
Neuroscience & Social Decision Making

Every day we make choices that involve varying levels of risk. A critical formative period during which risky choices may have long-lasting consequences is adolescence. In this talk, I will present work that addresses i) how the adolescent brain encodes risk and how brain responses during a lab task relate to self-reported risk-taking; as well as ii) why some adolescents may be more susceptible to making risky choices that negatively impact their health. Finally, I will present work that iii) focuses on examining whether paradigms developed in the lab can be translated to predict risky behavior in the real world beyond self-report. Overall, I plan to discuss how this work lays the foundation for future lines of research to work toward an integrative social computational neuroscience framework to better predict and understand risky decision-making.