Mauricio Delgado, Rutgers University

Neuroscience and Social Decision Making Series

"The subjective value of perceived control"
Wednesday, December 4, 2019 - 4:30pm
101 Peretsman Scully Hall
Hosted by: 
Emily Liquin and Abla Alaoui-Soce
Princeton Neuroscience Institute
Neuroscience & Social Decision Making

The beliefs in one’s ability to exert control over the environment is integral for an individual's general well-being, as its presence or absence can impact emotion regulation processes.   In this talk, we will investigate the value inherent in this perception of control by examining the a) affective experience of perceiving control and b) the subjective value associated with the ability to exert control.  Specifically, we will focus on the role of a cortico-striatal circuit, typically involved with reward-related processing, in the valuation of having a choice itself.  We will further discuss examples where perceived control influences emotion regulation.