Former NEU undergrad Hope Kean featured in NY Times story

Hope Kean (Neuroscience, '18) was recently featured in a NY Times story entitled "The Curious Hole in My Head". This first person account by Helen Santoro tells the story of how Ms. Santoro was born without a left temporal lobe. While her doctors' prognosis was bleak, Ms. Santoro defied expectations and has lead a full and normal life, outside of the many days and nights spent in laboratories with scientists trying to understand how her brain works. She is currently participating in a study with Dr. Evelina Fedorenko at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology called the Interesting Brain Project. Ms. Kean is a graduate student with Dr. Fedorenko and is leading the neuroimaging studies that Ms. Santoro is participating in currently. Please read the full story to learn more about Ms. Santoro's fascinating brain and Ms. Kean's research.