June 26, 2023

The Princeton Neuroscience Institute celebrated the Class of 2023 Neuroscience majors during its annual Class Day Ceremony on May 29th. The event recognized graduating seniors for their academic accomplishments, as well as those that received honors and senior thesis prizes.

During the awards presentations, NEU seniors Sophie Lockwood and Camilla Strauss were each awarded the Class of 1943 senior thesis prize in Neuroscience. Thanks to the generosity of Mr. John Brinster and the Class of 1943, this award is given each year to the most outstanding senior theses in the field of neuroscience. 

Sophie Lockwood and Camilla Strauss

Sophie Lockwood’s senior thesis was entitled: Connectomics analysis on neuromodulation of a courtship song-feature extracting auditory circuit in Drosophila melanogaster

In her nomination for the award, Sophie’s adviser, Professor Mala Murthy, wrote “Sophie has done remarkable work in the area of connectomics. She developed new algorithms to analyze interactions between the auditory network and the entire population of octopaminergic, dopaminergic, and serotonergic neurons in the Drosophila brain. Sophie has now identified all neurons in the brain that receive convergent input from auditory neurons and neuromodulatory neurons, and we are beginning to analyze this interesting population.”

Camilla Strauss’ senior thesis was entitled: Focusing on the unfocused: the functional and structural neural correlates of attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder

In her nomination for the award, Camilla’s adviser, Professor Sabine Kastner wrote “Camilla's thesis provides new insight of the structural changes and accompanying functional connectivity changes in the brains of ADHD individuals, particularly in relation to numerous behavioral measures. Camilla’s thesis is an incredible scholarly piece with rigorous scientific analyses”

Departmental honors were also awarded at the PNI Class Day to NEU majors. Neuroscience honors are determined based on the grades received by the student in departmental studies (including junior independent work, the senior thesis, and the senior departmental examination). The following students received honors, high honors, and highest honors for their academic excellence in NEU.


  • Lawrence Bossong
  • Noah Daniel
  • Camilla Strauss
  • Dana Waitman

High Honors

  • Ashley Chung
  • Bing Li
  • Jenna Sayed

Highest Honors

  • Lucy Sirrs
  • Allison Yang