The Princeton Neuroscience Institute is committed to ensuring that the environment and community of the Institute meets the highest standard of professionalism and is one in which all members feel welcome, respected, and able to achieve their professional goals.

Our principles as a community are:

Respect and support department members

  • Respect the professional, physical, and personal boundaries of colleagues
  • Avoid judging, discriminating, or making unwelcome jokes or disparaging remarks
  • Give colleagues the opportunity to voice their thoughts without interruption

Commit to inclusion

  • Be constructive with your feedback, be open to feedback from others, and challenge your own assumptions about people & the sources of those assumptions
  • Work to ensure that all colleagues have equal access to opportunities, including networking that happens in a social context
  • Commit to eliminating challenges or barriers to success that colleagues may face as members of under-represented groups

Take initiative

  • Contribute to improving the work environment and professional relationships
  • Intervene or report when colleagues are disrespectful and support those who intervene or report
  • Seek opportunities for education/training on diversity, inclusivity, reporting, and bystander intervention techniques, and encourage others to do the same

Read the University Principles of General Conduct and Regulations


Report a Concern

PNI Anonymous Report Form: submit a concern anonymously 

University and Institute resources available to report a concern: