Frequently Asked Questions

It seems that I am not on the neuroscience certificate email list. I would like to be added. What should I do?

Send an email to neurocrt[at]princeton[dot]edu and request that you be added to the list.

I am a freshman who intends to enroll in the certificate program. Is there anything else I need to do besides taking the prerequisite courses?

You are ahead of most people as you already know what you want to do. Besides taking the required courses, you can officially submit an enrollment form to join the program. This will make sure that you are informed about any internship opportunities that come up or any events on campus that may be of interest.

What are acceptable electives?

I am a junior who is interested in the neuroscience certificate, but I have come upon that interest relatively late in the game. Can I schedule a meeting with someone about the feasibility of getting the certificate?

You should set up an appointment with Paryn Wallace, the Neuroscience Undergraduate Administrator.

I am a non-science major. What are the specific requirements regarding senior theses?

There are no thesis requirements for the certificate program.