Fenna Krienen receives Klingstein-Simons award

Fenna Krienen, Assistant Professor in the Princeton Neuroscience Institute, was awarded a 2023 Klingenstein-Simons Fellowship. Through its collaboration with the Simons Foundation, the 

The Power of 'Multiple Selves': Understanding Decision Making through Modular Agents

Every day, we face the challenge of balancing our wants and needs, prioritizing essential requirements while efficiently utilizing our resources. We become experts at prioritizing needs that are important (e.g. a meal when we are very hungry), forming flexible plans (i.e. actions that get us what we need) that are integral to our survival. However, it remains to be fully understood how we balance our needs to form this dynamic interplay of our motivators and actions. Do we have independent cognitive modules that aim to optimize each of our wants?

PNI Celebrates Class Day with Seniors

The Princeton Neuroscience Institute celebrated the Class of 2023 Neuroscience majors during its annual Class Day Ceremony on May 29th. The event recognized graduating seniors for their academic accomplishments, as well as those that received honors and senior thesis prizes.

PNI members awarded for outstanding mentoring and teaching

PNI faculty members, Lindy McBride and Jesse Gomez, along with graduate student Jessica Ye (Buschman lab), honored with awards for outstanding mentoring (McBride) and teaching (Gomez and Ye).

Lindy McBride receives Graduate Mentoring Award

PNI Innovator awards to fund new molecular and computational approaches

The Princeton Neuroscience Institute has granted innovator awards to two cutting-edge collaborative teams. Professors Gould and Buschman, together with the director of the PNI viral core, Dr. Huang, will use their award to develop innovative tools to expand the space of questions we can ask about perineuronal nets. Professors Daw and Witten will use their award to support innovative research at the computational level, testing a new comprehensive framework for modelling reward prediction error in the brain.

Graduate student Sade Abiodun interviewed by Society for Neuroscience

Current third year graduate student Sade Abiodun was recently interviewed by the Society for Neuroscience as part of their Future of Neuroscience series. Sade shares her story of how she came to study neurocinematics, as well as discusses her film making career. Read the full story here.

From the Simons Foundation: A New Era for the Neuroscience of Social Behavior

The Simons Foundation recently published an article entitled "A New Era for the Neuroscience of Social Behavior". Written by former PNI postdoc Brian DePasquale, the article details some of the astounding work in the field that has been performed, with great contributions from PNI faculty and trainees including: Director Mala Murthy, Assistant Professor Annegret Falkner, Professor Ilana Witten, and former graduate students Lindsay Willmore and Talmo Pereira.

TigerBrain: The PNI Postdoc Scholars Symposium

PNI will be hosting TigerBrain: The PNI Postdoc Scholars Symposium on Friday, May 12, 2023. We are inviting all postdocs thinking about entering the academic job market, and interested in faculty positions at Princeton, to apply to present their work at TigerBrain. In addition to a speaking spot, we also offer the opportunity to meet 1:1 with our faculty members and trainees as well as tour ouf facilities. There also will be a reception and dinner. All expenses paid.


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