Eye tracking technology allows neuroscientists to continuously measure gaze direction, slow pursuit and rapid saccadic eye movements, and pupil size and dilatory changes.

The PNI Eye Tracking Facility provides an ASL remote optic system (60Hz) with stimulus display and control computer, located in the PNI Eye Tracking Laboratory (PNI room C21). It is a complete eye tracking system for situations where the stimulus is presented to the subject on a computer monitor. The system's measurement is displayed in real-time as a cursor superimposed on a mirror image of what is being viewed by the subject. Recorded data include time, x and y eye position coordinates and pupil diameter. External data events/markers can be recorded along with eye tracker data.

The PNI Eye Tracking Facility also offers a second eye tracking system located in the TMS laboratory (PNI room C23). This is a faster SMI RED (120Hz) system, and includes a license for eye data analysis and stimulus display software (BeGaze and Experiment Center). This system is also connected with a stimulus display and control computer.

Specialized eye tracking systems are also available in the PNI Neuroimaging Facility to allow researchers to record subject eye position while performing functional MRI experiments.

Mark Pinsk