Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Electrical Engineering

  • Peter Ramadge Video and image processing, and adaptive systems

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Molecular Biology

  • Michael Berry Neural computation in the retina
  • Lisa Boulanger Neuronal functions of immune molecules
  • Carlos Brody Quantitative approaches to systems neuroscience
  • Rebecca Burdine Left-right patterning in the vertebrate embryo
  • Lynn Enquist Neurovirology
  • Elizabeth Gavis RNA localization and translational regulation during development in Drosophila
  • Alan Gelperin Biological, computational and electronic olfaction; learning and memory
  • John Hopfield Computational neurobiology/biophysics
  • Coleen Murphy Molecular mechanisms of aging
  • Mala Murthy Neural Mechanisms Underlying Acoustic Communication
  • Jeffrey Stock Membrance receptors and signal transduction
  • David Tank Measurement and analysis of neural circuit dynamics
  • Samuel Wang Computational roles of the cerebellum in sensation, action, and cognition; basic neurobiology of autism.

Operations Research and Financial Engineering