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Category : Postdoctoral Research Associate
Namesort descending Lab Office Phone Email
Athena Akrami Athena Akrami Brody Lab 184D PNI
Anthony Ambrosini Anthony E. Ambrosini A76A PNI 609-258-8329
Mikio Aoi Pillow Lab 231 PNI
Christa Baker Murthy Lab A92H PNI 258-7668
Christopher Baldassano Christopher Baldassano Norman Lab 244B PNI
Daniel Bennett Daniel Bennett Niv Lab
Aaron Bornstein Aaron Bornstein Norman Lab 136A PNI
Flora Bouchacourt Flora Bouchacourt Buschman/Cohen/Daw Labs
Mingbo Cai Mingbo Cai Cohen/Niv Labs 144A PNI
Adam Calhoun Murthy Lab A92D PNI
Courtney Cameron Courtney Cameron Witten Lab 192E PNI
Adam Charles Pillow Lab 231 PNI
Rujia Chen Rujia Chen Kastner Lab 286D PNI
Silvy Collin Silvy Collin Norman/Hasson Labs
Christine Constantinople Christine Constantinople Brody/Tank Labs 192C PNI
Elise Cope Elise Cope Gould Lab A76I PNI
Julia Cox Julia Cox Witten Lab 176E PNI
Brian Depasquale Brian DePasquale Brody/Pillow Labs 184D PNI
David S. Deutsch David S. Deutsch Murthy Lab A84I PNI 609-258-7341
Sarah Dubrow Sarah Dubrow Norman/Niv Labs 136C PNI
Ahmed El Hady Ahmed El Hady Brody Lab 192D PNI 609-258-7954
Ben Engelhard Tank/Witten Labs PNI 184H 609-258-7514
Manoj Eradath Manoj Eradath Kastner Lab 288E PNI
Ian Fiebelkorn Ian Fiebelkorn Kastner Lab 288E PNI
Jeffrey Gauthier Jeffrey Gauthier Tank Lab 176H PNI
Yi Gu Tank Lab 176H PNI 609-258-3983
Arvid Guterstam Graziano Lab 282A PNI
Jan Homann Jan Homann Berry Lab A76G PNI
Kajsa Igelstrom Graziano Lab 282A PNI
Mark L. Ioffe Mark L. Ioffe Berry Lab A84D PNI 609-258-7702
Marius Cătălin Iordan Marius Cătălin Iordan Cohen Lab
Stephen Keeley Pillow Lab
Charles Kopec Charles Kopec Brody Lab 192D PNI 609-258-7954
Manoj Kumar Manoj Kumar Norman Lab
Angela Langdon Niv Lab 141 PNI
Sam J. Lewallen Sam J. Lewallen Tank/Bialek Labs 184F PNI
Thomas Luo Thomas Zhihao Luo Brody Lab A08 PNI
Nikola Markov Nikola Markov Buschman Lab 288D PNI 609-258-7808
Anne B. Martin Anne B. Martin Kastner Lab 286D PNI
Marcelo Mattar Marcelo Mattar Daw Lab
Elizabeth McDevitt Elizabeth McDevitt Norman Lab
Meir Meshulam Meir Meshulam Norman and Hasson Labs
Ida Momennejad Ida Momennejad Cohen/Norman Labs 136A PNI 609-258-0374
Shang Mu Seung Lab 192F PNI
Malavika Murugan Malavika Murugan Witten Lab 184E PNI SCGB Fellow
Sam Nastase Samuel Nastase Hasson Lab 232A PNI
Marino Pagan Brody Lab PNI 192B
Lucas Pinto Brody and Tank Labs PNI 184D 258-7932
Payam Piray Payam Piray Daw Lab
Amy Price Amy Price Hasson Lab
Dylan Rich Tank/Daw Labs
Benjamin Scott Benjamin Scott Brody/Tank Labs 184C PNI
Michael Shvartsman Michael Shvartsman Cohen Lab 238C PNI
Sina Tafazoli Sina Tafazoli Buschman Lab 288D PNI
Daniel Takahashi Daniel Takahashi Ghazanfar Lab 288G PNI
Jessica Verpeut Wang Lab PNI A84F 258-7565
Ashwin Vishwanathan Ashwin Vishwanathan Seung Lab 192G PNI
Jingpeng Wu Jingpeng Wu Seung Lab 192G PNI
Yisi Zhang Ghazanfar Lab PNI 288F
Category : CV Starr Fellow
Namesort descending Lab Office Phone Email
James Antony Norman Lab 136B PNI
Abhishek Bhattacharjee Abhishek Bhattacharjee
Sahana Murthy Sahana Murthy Gould Lab A76I PNI
Alexander Nectow Alexander Nectow Nectow Lab A76D
Elise Piazza Hasson and Lew-Williams Labs 238E PNI
Kelly Seagraves Wang Lab A84F PNI
Category : Research Specialist
Namesort descending Lab Office Phone Email
Camille Rullan Buxo Pillow Lab 238A PNI
Tania Das Banerjee Tania Das Banerjee Nectow Lab A76B PNI
Annegret Dettwiler-Danspeckgruber Annegret Dettwiler-Danspeckgruber Dettwiler Concussion Lab 132D PNI 609-258-9792
Xiao-Juan Guan A84E PNI 609-258-3571
Lauren Kelly Ghazanfar Lab 286E PNI 609-258-9639
Michael Lesnick Michael Lesnick 236C PNI
Laura Lynch Laura Lynch Samuel Wang A92B PNI 609-258-7612
Greg Nowak Buschman Lab 286A PNI
Frezin Sethna Viral and Genetic Neuroengineering Lab A76C PNI 609-258-7468
Wong William Seung Lab 176B PNI
Category : Facility Manager
Namesort descending Lab Office Phone Email
Esteban Engel Viral Neuroengineering Laboratory PNI A50 609-258-7888
Britney Morea Buschman Lab 286A PNI
Leigh Nystrom Leigh Nystrom Neuroscience of Cognitive Control Lab (NCC Lab) 238F PNI 609-258-3328
Mark Pinsk Mark Pinsk Neuroscience of Attention and Perception Laboratory (NAPL) - Kastner 138F PNI 609-258-8318
Stephan Thiberge Stephan Thiberge Bezos Center for Neural Circuit Dynamics C28 PNI 609-258-9506