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Namesort descending Email Phone Office Lab
John Wiggins John Wiggins 609-258-8777 B14A Princeton Neuroscience Institute & 133 Carl Icahn Laboratory
Wong William 176B PNI Seung Lab
Jamal Williams Norman Lab
Lindsay Willmore
Ilana Witten 609-258-8143 154 Neuroscience
Anqui Wu Anqi Wu Pillow Lab
Jingpeng Wu 192G PNI Seung Lab
Yaara Yeshurun-Dishon 241 PNI Hasson Lab
Asieh Zadbood Hasson Lab
Yisi Zhang PNI 288F Ghazanfar Lab
Anna Zhukovshaya Anna Zhukovshaya Witten Lab
David Zoltowski
Samuel Zorowitz