Wang looks for order in chaos — in neuroscience, political polling and redistricting

Sam Wang — explorer of the brain and wrangler of political polls — made a prediction in 2012 that turned out to be wrong.

An associate professor of molecular biology and the Princeton Neuroscience Institute, Wang wanted to know why. His pursuit of the answer led him to dive into a new area of inquiry — political redistricting. Four years later, he has published an article in one of the nation's top law reviews detailing a relatively simple way for judges to identify when a set of districts has been unfairly drawn to benefit a given political party.  

Not bad for a self-described political hobbyist.

But whether he is working in his lab on campus to better understand the brain region known as the cerebellum, crunching numbers on dozens of polls to present a clear picture of the presidential race or hunting for evidence of partisan intent in redistricting, Wang says he is always looking to find order in the chaos of large amounts of data.

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