PNI graduate students awarded prestigious 3-year Howard Hughes Medical Institute International Student Research Fellowships

Ann Duan is a third-year student conducting research in Carlos Brody's laboratory, investigating the neural mechanisms underlying cognitive control and rule-switching. Yao Lu is a second-year student conducting research in David Tank's laboratory, using multimodal (olfactory and visual) stimuli to investigate how neural activity sequences are affected by learning and task manipulations.

The Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) is committed to the development of the most talented researchers studying in U.S. graduate institutions regardless  of their country of origin. The HHMI  International Student Research Fellowships are designed to facilitate the research training of outstanding international predoctoral students (who are ineligible for fellowship or training grant support  through federal agencies) in the biomedical and related sciences, including physical and mathematical sciences.

The Howard Hughes Medical Institute is a medical research organization that plays a powerful role in advancing scientific research and education in the United States. Its scientists, located across the country and around the world, have made important discoveries that advance both human health and our fundamental understanding of biology. The Institute also aims to transform science education into a creative, interdisciplinary endeavor that reflects the excitement of real research.