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Dean for Research Innovation Funds enable bold and creative new projects

A novel intervention to control mosquito-borne diseases: Assistant Professor of Molecular Biology Mala Murthy and Assistant Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Carolyn McBride, both of the Princeton Neuroscience Institute, will explore ways to interfere with mosquito courtship and mating to reduce mosquito populations.


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Sam Young, Max Planck Florida Institute For Neuroscience

Communication between neurons forms the basis of brain function. Synapses are specialized structures where the release of neurotransmitter filled synaptic vesicles are precisely regulated to encode information. The brain contains many distinct types of synapses to meet the diverse functional demands of neural circuits resulting in clear behavioral outcomes driven by functional output. How then are different synapses defined in order to meet the unique demands of the circuit in which they are embedded?

Social interactions and the brain

Neuroscientist Mala Murthy and a multidisciplinary team at Princeton University want to understand what happens in the brain when animals process information, communicate and socialize.

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