Human Neuroscience
Human Neuroscience

Professor Emeritus of Psychology and the Princeton Neuroscience Institute

Ph.D., University of Cambridge, 1961

Research: Functions of the cerebral cortex in behavior.
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280 Neuroscience

Research Focus

My laboratory is interested in the role of various brain structures in visual perception and visual learning. Much of our research involves monkeys.

Inferior temporal cortex. We have been studying how this area codes and stores information about objects. One approach involves recording the activity of single inferior temporal neurons as a function of the visual stimulus and the behavioral task, such as short term memory. A second is analyzing the anatomical organization of inferior temporal cortex and its connections in both infants and adults. A third approach is studying the behavioral effects of removal of inferior temporal cortex.

Blindsight and Development. After lesions of striate cortex there is considerable residual visual function. Since these functions are not conscious, this residual vision has been called "blindsight". We have been studying this phenomenon with emphasis on comparing the effects of striate lesions made in infant and adult monkeys. Recent experiments concern stimulus localization and movement discrimination in animals with striate lesions, properties of extra-striate cortex neurons in the long-term absence of striate cortex and anatomical changes after striate cortex lesions made in infancy and adulthood.

The Representation of Space in the Brain. How is space coded in the brain so that we know where things are, even as we move our eyes, head and bodies about? We are studying the roles of neurons in a system of areas, including the putamen, premotor cortex and parietal cortex, which represent near extra-personal space. We have discovered neurons that that have visual fields that are organized in body-part coordinates rather than retinal ones and we believe they play a role in visuomotor control.

Adult Neurogenesis. I have been collaborating with Professor Elizabeth Gould on adult-generated neurons in the cerebral cortex and hippocampus of monkeys.

History of Neuroscience. I also write on the history of neuroscience, and its social context.

Selected Publications

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