Spring 2020 - Updates related to PNI's COVID-19 response (last update: March 31, 2020):

For NEU-related courses taken this spring, you may choose the "pass/D/fail" option. The option should be available for all courses cross-listed with NEU. Any such course will still count towards your concentration or your certificate. This includes prerequisite courses.

For Senior thesis and junior work, we assure you that we will be making accommodations to acknowledge that you were working under extraordinary circumstances. For thesis work, we are aware that you may have been unable to complete your research in the ways originally expected for reasons that were entirely beyond your control. To reiterate, for both juniors and seniors, your independent work will be evaluated with these and other obstacles in mind.

Seniors and juniors can elect to have their independent work graded as pass/D/fail. Senior exams may be taken as pass/D/fail as well. Note: The "Honors" index calculated at the end of senior year typically includes graded courses, graded independent work (JIW and theses) and the senior exam. To accommodate those students who opt for pass/D/fail for courses, independent work and/or senior exam, this Honors index will be re-weighted in a manner that is fair to all NEU students (i.e., eliminates the influence of any pass/D/fail elections).

Deadline for senior theses remains May 4th. Senior exams will be during the interval of May 13-15 and will be conducted virtually with your advisor and one other faculty member. 

Deadline for junior independent work is now May 15th.

If you have any other questions, please contact me: Professor Ghazanfar, Director of Undergraduate Studies in Neuroscience, asifg[at]princeton[dot]edu


Concentration Overview

The Princeton Neuroscience Institute offers the Neuroscience Concentration for undergraduates with a strong interest in pursuing an in-depth study of the brain. Neuroscience is a broad interdisciplinary field requiring rigorous preparation in basic science. Students in this discipline are expected to understand the basic principles and approaches of modern neuroscience. The major provides an opportunity for serious study of molecular, cellular, developmental, and systems neuroscience as it interfaces with cognitive and behavioral research.
Since modern neuroscience is relying increasingly on quantitatively sophisticated methods and theory, students are also expected to gain competency in physics, mathematics, and computation. By offering a combination of courses and interdisciplinary research, students who complete the neuroscience concentration will be highly qualified to pursue graduate work at the best neuroscience, psychology or biology graduate programs and will also have completed, in large part, the background requirements to enter medical or veterinary school.
Director of Undergraduate Studies: Professor Asif Ghazanfar

Declaring NEU as Your Concentration

[updated March 31, 2020]
Provided that you completed the prerequisites, A.B. sophomores preparing to enter the junior year and wanting to declare Neuroscience as their concentration must do so prior to selecting courses for the fall semester. For detailed instructions on how to declare a concentration see Declaring a concentration, but really you just need to make an appointment using WASE to see the Director of Undergraduate Studies, Professor Ghazanfar. For Spring 2020, these meetings will be held over zoom. Professor Ghazanfar's zoom ID for joining meetings is available when you make a WASE appointment.
Topics for discussion include (among anything else you would like to discuss):  future courses and their timing (e.g., Physics, core courses, etc) and study abroad opportunities.

Visiting the Institute

Prospective students will have an opportunity to receive detailed information about the program, tour the department, and meet with students and faculty. Tours and meetings with students/faculty must be arranged in advance. 
To make an appointment, contact the Undergraduate Student Administrator for Neuroscience to arrange a visit.