The Scully Center for the Neuroscience of Mind and Behavior is of critical importance in enabling Princeton scientists to advance knowledge of how the brain processes information and gives rise to language, emotions, problem solving, and decision making — the mental characteristics that make us human. The list below details research efforts in these areas.

Faculty Research Supported by The Scully Center for the Neuroscience of Mind and Behavior

  • Carlos Brody Quantitative approaches to systems neuroscience
  • Jonathan Cohen Neural mechanisms of cognitive control
  • Asif Ghazanfar Developmental neuroscience of vocal communication
  • Uri Hasson New methods to assess shared and idiosyncratic aspects of the cortical response time courses
  • Sabine Kastner Neural mechanisms of visual perception and attention
  • Yael Niv Human and animal reinforcement learning and decision making
  • Kenneth Norman Cognitive neuroscience of learning and memory
  • Peter Ramadge Video and image processing, and adaptive systems
  • Daniel Rubenstein Adaptive patterns of social behavior
  • David Tank Measurement and analysis of neural circuit dynamics
  • Alexander Todorov Cognitive neuroscience of social cognition and behavior